10 Things You Didn’t Know Animals Could Do

As humans, we are arguably the most advanced species on the planet. I say arguably as there are exceptions to this rule; such as Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. Here are 10 things you thought only us humans could do.

1. Mourn and bury their dead.

Animals such as chimps, elephants and wolves are among some of the species known to show compassion. They display traits similar to us, such as avoiding others and not eating. Elephants have been known to bury their dead in a ceremonial like manner.

2. Farm

Humans can farm and cultivate land, however insects where there first. Ants are known to raise and farm caterpillars which they use for milking sugar.

3. Drink when things get tough

Flies are very much like us humans. Research has shown that they are obsessed with sex, and when rejected by a partner they are far more likely to seek out alcoholic food’s and drinks.

4. Form a culture

Culture is not genetic, it is socially constructed through interactions with one another. In 1963, a single Japanese macaque discovered the comfort of bathing in hot springs. Now every year hundreds visit these springs together.

5. Recreational drug use

We are not the only ones who get high from time to time. Dolphins deliberately seek out puffer fish and play with them. They release a toxin which gets the dolphins high.

6. Procrastinate

Researchers gave pigeons the choice of a short task then a long wait before a treat, or a long wait before a longer task, followed by the treat. The pigeons choose the second task and put it off longer. Sounds familiar.

7. Express emotion

Researchers have found that mice when subject to a small amount of pain can show “grimace” in their facial expressions.

8. Sleep Talk

It is thought that dolphins may talk in their sleep after researchers recorded them making “non-native” sounds late at night.

9. Sing Songs

Whales can sing songs in their packs, these songs can spread to other whale communities. Suddenly you have an international whale star.

10. Arguments 

Just like us humans, chimps often rely on a third party in order to resolve and argument or dispute between one another.

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