Fruit Provides Light For Long Exposure Photographs

Check out these awesome and creative photographs by artists Caleb Charland. These photographs are from a series called “back to light”. They are created by placing nails into each piece of fruit and connecting them together with copper wire. They produce a small amount of electricity that can power a light bulb. This light bulb acts as a flash for the long exposure photographs, creating the awesome pictures below.

Battery with hanging apples, 2013

Fruit battery solar system, 2014

Limes and Lemons, 2013

Electricity From a Ring of Apples, 2013

Vinegar Batteries with Glassware and Shelf, 2013

Grapefruit and Pomelo Battery, 2013

Apple Lamp, 2014

Apple Tree with Chandelier, Nettie Fox Farm, Newburgh, Maine 2013

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