Other road users: why are they so annoying?

There is always that person who doesn’t thank you. You are considerate; you give way, sometimes even when you have the right of way. And yet they cannot find it in themselves to raise a hand, and thank you. “grits teeth”.

The queue cutter. Everyone else finds the patience to sit there and wait there turn. Yet there is always someone who takes it upon themselves to do their very best at pissing everyone else off.

The slow one. No matter what the speed limit is, they are 10mph under it. MOVE. You may have nowhere to be, I do.

This then creates tailgating. Another pointless expression of rage which never achieves anything.

The lane hogger. Self-explanatory. No matter their speed they won’t move over. You know who you are.

There is always that one person no matter how fast you are going, will want to go faster. Speed limits? nah. Lewis Hamilton inspired driving.

Indicators. A fundamental part of driving, and making other road users aware of your intentions. So it makes perfect sense not to use them right? Wrong.

No matter how hard you try, there is always someone who will pull out in front of you, thinking its ok because they have a fast car. In fact, you end up breaking to compensate for their poor judgment. You will come across all of these at some point, no matter what. Just try and keep calm. Did someone say road rage??

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