When Gaming Goes Too Far: $200,000 Destroyed In Virtual Battle

Eve is a mass multiplayer online game which is hugely popular, and has been around for the past 10 years.  The game has its own economics, politics and trade systems, It also has huge online wars over occupation of different tracts in space. The game has various alliances who come head to head sometimes, however nothing like the battle seen yesterday, January 28th 2014.

2,200 players from these alliances fought it out online, and the resulting damage is estimated at $200,000 in real world money. This is estimated from the fact that 75 titans, which are large battleships (pictured above), where destroyed. The average Titan in the game is worth around $3,300, as members must pay a monthly subscription to the game to access them, which is then converted into game money, otherwise known as ISK. One of the Titans destroyed yesterday was worth $5,500.

Eve Developer CCP says it is still adding up the total costs and accessing the situations, but is in no doubt it was the largest battle of its kind the game has ever seen, and possibly could be a world record.

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