37 Disturbing Ripoffs Of Popular Toys. Guaranteed To Make Children Cry

We have been raised to appreciate everything we get given in life, and to always be grateful. After all it is the thought that counts, however these toys might just be an exception. Cheap knock off toys are not only dangerous, they also look slightly disturbing.

SpongeBob Square Pikachu


Super-Robot Transformable Thomas the Tank Engine

Demon Pony


Wi Wi

Star Wars Super Bricks

New Style Ninja Tortoise

Super Wonderful Mario Featuring Captain Crunch & Snow White

Teen Pregnancy Beautiful


Sense Of Right Alliance

Crap Your Hands Elmo

Anna Montana

Star Knight

Mow Gwai

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Star Wars: Rogue Commando

Titanic Legend

Little Animal Telephone

Super Bat

Lord of the Harry Potter of the Caribbean

Harry Potter and Beaker and Burn

Harry Potter Obama the Hedgehog

Space Boys 3

Bear of Interest

Mouse & Friends

Uncle Wang Monopoly

Don’t Be Angry

Chop Kick Panda and Friends

Dark Rider Batman

Phone Kitty

Helpfully Mental House Powers

What’s Up

Life’s a Jungle

Tappy Toes

Colonel Sanders & E.T.

Spiderman – Batman – Avatar T-Shirt

via Distractify

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