Artist Ramon Bruin Creates Amazing Hyper-realistic 3D Drawings

Dutch artist Ramon Bruin has a rather amazing talent when it comes to drawing. He has the ability to really bring his creations to life by making them 3D. When his work is viewed and photographed from a certain perspective it appears to be floating out of the page.

Ramon Bruin actually has a degree in airbrushing, and you would think that he will be the most talented in that niche after spending so much time perfecting it. Well, just looking at the art works below shows you he is a man of many skills.

Shooting these simple pen drawings from a specific angle gives the impression that they are coming out of the page and completely 3D like you would see while using a cool tech.

The artist said that he started drawing 3D illustrations with a simple pen just as a way to push himself to become better, and open up his imagination even further.

The artist is very versatile and his talents go beyond airbrushing and pencil illustrations. But we wanted to put the focus today on his 3D pencil illustrations as they are by far the thing that impressed us the most.

The 31 year old is a self taught artist clearly has an eye and hand for everything related to paintings or illustrations and you are welcome to visit his site to see more work and learn more about him.

Here are some of his drawings.

1. Sharks swimming in a sea of words

2. Zebra drinking from a water pool

Ramon Bruin

3. Cats – Nothing more is needed to say

4. Trying to escape

Ramon Bruin

5. This could be a really cool tattoo design

6. Jaws trying to eat the ink

7. Various bugs flying away

Ramon Bruin

8. Stick people minding their own business

9. Flying out of the page

10. This is beautiful, the level of detail is amazing

Ramon Bruin

11. Jurassic Park inspired work

12. Self portrait in a unique way

13. This is a deep 3D illustration

Ramon Bruin

14. The road to your dreams

15. Staircase to heaven? Not really

Ramon Bruin

16. What’s hiding below the fold

17. Look out! A spider on the paper

Ramon Bruin

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