The Terrifying Moment a Skydiver Goes Unconscious in Mid-Air, But Is Thankfully Rescued

Skydiving can be one of the most exhilarating experiences you ever have in your life, but can also be very dangerous.

James Lee was taking part in a normal sky diving routine that he has done many times before, it’s why he is able to do it by himself without an aid.

James jumps from 12,500ft but shortly after jumping he is hit by another diver very badly. The hit knocks him out mid air and he starts hurtling uncontrollably towards the ground.

Luck was on James’ side that day as two other divers realised he was in trouble. The two divers then reached out James to see if he would respond but realised he was unconscious.

The two divers then grabbed hold of James putting him into a safe position and deployed his parachute.

James thankfully regained consciousness just before going to the ground but had no memory of what happened and how much trouble he was in.

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