12 Touching Examples Of Injured Animals Being Given A Second Chance


Here are 12 heart warming examples of how human inventions have helped improve the lives of these animals and make them happy again.


Hoppa is a 4 year old mixed breed dog who was born with no front legs. Thankfully an art student created this device for Hoppa to use outside. Hopefully many more of these devices can help many other dogs and other pets.


Yu is a 25 year old loggerhead turtle. Her flippers where torn in a shark attack, but she now has prosthetic ones, allowing her to swim free and naturally.


This Yorkshire terrier named Hope gets around fine thank to the uni-wheel attached to her vest despite missing her front limb.


This is Naki'o. A mix breed dog who sadly lost his paws due to frostbite when he was an abandoned puppy. He isn't un-loved and lonely anymore.


This is Pay De Lemon (Lemon Play) he can now run thanks to his prosthetic legs, but his front paws where removed by a Mexican gang who practising for cutting off fingers of humans. Terrible.


Fuji, a bottlenose dolphin is thought to have received the worlds first artificial dolphin after she lost 75% of her natural one in 2002 due to an unknown disease.


48 year old elephant named Motala can now walk thanks to his prosthetic leg. She lost hers when she step on a land mine. She is now able to walk normally again.


Oscar is the worlds first cat to have this type of prosthetic limb fitted after he lost his legs in an accident with a combine harvester. He can now run and play without any other help.


Tzvika suffered severe damage to her shell in an accident with a lawnmower. However she is now able to move with the aid of her newly attached wheels.


French Bulldog Billy has been paralysed since birth, but ran for the first time thanks to his newly built "roll car".


Chris P.Bacon was born unable to use his hind legs. His owner got a vet to fix him up with his own set of wheels. Look how happy he looks.


This is 7 year old disabled cat Cici. She was hit in a traffic accident but can now walk again thanks to her custom walker.