17 Acts Of Vandalism That Are Actually Genius

Signs play an important role in telling us what to do, or what we shouldn’t do. Luckily, these 17 signs have been altered by geniuses. Showing that they don’t necessarily have to be so boring.

1. No entry for Ninjas.

2. So, whats startled the door?.

3. No pie, by law.

4. MC Hammer is at it again.

5. This toilet is for X-men only.


7. Caution, Ballroom dancing.

8. Please keep it off the seats.

9. Dont let anyone see your potato.

10. Its the claw.

11. Dont panic, just break dance.

12. Push button to get bacon.

13. Baby Barbecue.

14. Worms may chase you.

15. This is SPARTA!!.

16. Welcome to the jive zone.

17. Dont flatten the animals.

via ViralNova

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