20 Strange But Awesome Inventions You Need In Your Life

Here are 20 strange but awesome inventions that you could do with in your life.

1. A stick full of butter to make your everyday butter needs easier.

2. A motorised ice cream cone that does all the work for you.

3. These funny looking training wheels for those not confident enough to wear just normal heels.

4. Eating and writing at the same time? no problem with these.

5. A transparent toaster, so you can see exactly when your toast is done.

6. This pocket so you can see your phone no matter what you are doing.

7. A mobile fishbowl. So you can carry your pet around with you.

8. Candles + forks = easy cake eating.

9. This baby mop onesie will get the kids involved in the cleaning.

10. These apple sweaters will stop your lunch from getting bruised and ruined.

11. These slippers with attached dust pan and brush.

12. Stairs with hidden drawers are much better than normal stairs.

13. Sweatpants with added napkins for all your eating needs.

14. Get your hamster to do your shredding with this amazing invention.

15. These ‘mouldy’ sandwich bags will stop people taking your lunch.

16. Buy square watermelons instead of round ones.

17. Wet benches are a thing of the past with this bench that can be flipped over.

18. This mask will protect you from those deadly noodles.

19. If you are fed up with holding a normal can, use this handle to spice things up.

20. A toothpaste tube that has an opening at both ends.

via BuzzFeed, ViralNova

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