These 30 Photos Will Stick With You, From The Very First To The Very Last

Here are 30 pictures that have been going viral on the internet, and they all have one awesome thing in common: they will restore your faith and hope in humanity and this world of ours.

With so many terrible stories in the news lately, we hope this list of acts of kindness puts a huge smile on your face. Check them out.

Having a bad day? Then have a free rainbow from Meg.

A 14-year-old left this message in the snow on the roof of a carpark opposite the hospital where his mother was undergoing chemotherapy.

This could be the greatest poster I’ve ever seen.

“I randomly declared June 1st ‘Kids Day’ when I was 8 years old. I’m 36 now and just woke up to this from my parents.”

This kind man reads every day at lunch to another man who can’t read.

This elderly gentleman goes above and beyond for his dog.

In loving memory of Phoebe.

He’s not homeless, he’s just awesome!

This birthday girl’s love of animals is a testament to giving.

What great parents.

Friendship always finds a way. Boy plays video games with his friend who’s stuck in quarantine at the hospital.

It’s never too late to apologise.

Thousands of people come together to sing Christmas carols to a dying girl.

“Congratulated my twin on some good news he just got, and then he made my day.”

This man saves old bagels from work every day and distributes them to the hungry on the street.

Hopefully we’d all do the same in that situation.

These girls were raised right.

This is the best graduation gift ever.

Can you imagine being a kid and seeing this? A random act of quarter kindness.

These two best friends wanted to dress up like their grandmas for Halloween. Hope they aren’t calling their grannies scary!

Dog’s truly are man’s best friend.

Who doesn’t love free popcorn?

Every little helps.

This note to Nate from his father is fantastic. Way to go dad.

This reporter wore a grape costume to defend an autistic boy suspended for wearing a banana suit during a high school football game.

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