The 8 Most Annoying Types Of Tweeter…

Sometimes you can end up following some very annoying people on Twitter, and they probably fall into one of these 8 annoying categories.

The ”I can’t wait till it’s summer” brigade

We all love summer. It’s warm, sunny and overall much more pleasant than winter (with the exception of the exam period). That doesn’t mean you have to tweet about it throughout the entire duration of the autumn and winter months. All you’re doing is reminding everyone how far away summer is. Shut up. No one appreciates your tweets and it makes you sound like an over enthusiastic bee that all the other bee’s don’t like and wish would get swatted.

The ”just going to the gym/at the gym/left the gym” kind of people

You do not need to tweet your daily gym routine in order for the workout to benefit you. I promise. I’m actually quite the sucker for nutrition/workout focused twitter accounts and even I don’t upload a picture of my bicep everyday. An incredible meal you made for yourself, fair play. 6 months of hard work resulting in a new and improved you? Fine. However, I do not care in any way shape or form about how much your abs hurt after a ”massive” workout. Also, you look like an idiot if within the next few hours you’re tweeting about how much you love McDonalds. Also, do not use the hallowed term ”bulking” to justify your incredibly poor discipline when attempting to diet. Don’t you dare.

The Indirectioners (Yeah, I know, it’s brilliant)

If you hate that boy so much, why don’t you unfollow him? If a certain person  keeps retweeting annoying cat photos, UNFOLLOW THEM. You should realise that 99% of the time you send an indirect tweet no one has any idea what you’re talking about, not even the person you think you’re slyly slagging off . Please, please, PLEASE just keep your annoying little observations to yourself or take them somewhere else. ( I appreciate the irony in me moaning about people that I, inevitably, also do not unfollow…but hey, it keeps me entertained) .

”Twitter famous” people

I hate you.

The ”I’m so hungover” person

If you really are that hungover, go back to bed and get off Twitter. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy reading about just HOW hungover my friends are, especially when they write a humorous little metaphor to paint an amusing picture. However, there is a limit to how many times this can be seen as acceptable. Every other day is not acceptable. If you’re drinking that much I would suspect you do, infact, have a chronic drinking problem. Seek help.

The conspiracy theorists

Every single week I see some ridiculous article being shared around, or some outrageously stupid picture explaining that we are all, infact, living in a world secretly ruled by the intellectual society of ground sloths, intent on world domination and mass cannabis production. Please, do not feel as though it is a requirement to share your stupidity with other people. The scary thing is, I KNOW that you’re not even joking. It’s devastatingly worrying.

Emoji spammers

If something is that funny, I am sure you do not need to add a single laughing/crying face to the article. Just retweet it. At it’s worse, I see people going ham and unleashing the entire contents of their emoji arsenal upon a mildly amusing picture of a smiling goat. Behave.

Attention seekers

Twitter is not the place for threats, acts of insanity or desperate plea’s for forgiveness. There is nothing more irritating than some self deprecating sop tweeting about his or her inability to find love. I don’t care. It will not make me love you. Infact, it will make me find you that little bit more annoying.

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