What These Free Divers Can Do Will Blow Your Mind

Free diving is an underwater activity where by divers explore the underwater world on just a single breath. They use no breathing equipment, but despite this, experienced divers can hold their breath for minutes at a time, and dive to incredible depths.

There are two different types of diver. Those that aim to try and hold their breath for as long as possible, or those that try and travel the furthest / deepest. Depending on the style, they may use equipment such as flippers.

Although it may be a popular belief that lack of oxygen can cause the urge to breathe, its actually the build up of carbon dioxide that causes this. By learning this, divers can master the art of holding their breath.

Shallow Water Blackout is one of the biggest risks when free diving. Like any sport, it comes with risk. When done incorrectly divers can lose consciousness underwater due to a lack of oxygen.

A german free diver, Tome Sietas currently holds the world record for the longest time holding his breath under water. A full 22 minutes and 22 second without inhaling!.

Check out this incredible video:

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