21 Unbelievably Disastrous Cooking Fails

You will not believe some of the monstrosities that people manage to create in the kitchen. Cooking is clearly not something these people are cut out for, especially when doing a simple task such as cooking chips in an oven can end in such a fail.

1. Now the food is done, lets cook the oven.

2. Its probably a good idea to heat the food up.

3. Well done.

4. You know its bad if you have managed to make Oreos look unappealing.

5. They have created an awesome mutant cookie.

6. These chips would make ideal coal for the BBQ.

7. It was so bad, even the pizza ran away.

8. Cooking skills are on fire!.

9. Charcoal chips.

10. How do you manage to set spaghetti on fire!?.

11. Now these really do look like charcoal.

12. These look just about edible.

13. Sorry looking cake pops.

14. Cook the food, not the house.

15. Everything in the bowl tried to escape.

16. An exploded cake!.

17. Very very hard boiled eggs.

18. How can you not manage to cook these?.

19. Scary looking cookie monster.

20. There are no words.

21. Overly sticky rice.

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