27 People Who Can’t Be Taken Seriously

It would appear that some people just cannot be taken seriously. No matter how hard they try, they still fail. And the end result is these hilarious and awkward messages.

1. Mercedes not even once.

2. There is no hope.

3. Rotation. Physics. Logic.

4. This guy. Really!?

5. Fact you didn’t know: Entire Breaking Bad series was filmed live….. apparently.

6. This guy just made his own day.

7. Drowning in the girls.

8. Awkward dreams.

9. Always the romantic type.

10. Do you even geography?

11. There are no words..

12. Only a jk.

13. Just a small town girl.

14. So Street.

15. Top marks for effort.

16. But the finger said no.

17. So much contradiction.

18. Time can be complicated.

19. Craving attention.

20. Speak propa language m8.

21. In the event of emergency, do nothing. Complain to Facebook instead.

22. Bacon doesn’t fix EVERYTHING.

23. Burn.

24. No likes.

25. So much contradiction.

26. He’s just warming up.

27. Mc Marriage.

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