This Has to Be the Most Devoted Couple Ever. They Never Spent a Moment Apart

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This couple from England spent the last 68 years of their lives completely devoted to one another. They never even spent a day apart, not even in death. At the age of 91 and 92 George and Dorothy Doughty both passed away within hours of each other from completely separate causes.


They met after George sent his condolences to Dorothy after the loss of her first husband of four months in World War II.


When they met for the very first time in person Dorothy was carrying a rose and George had a newspaper.


They had something in common with the queen too. They shared the same wedding anniversary, and went to London for her garden party when they both celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in 1997.


For a living George worked as a baker and Dorothy ran a hair salon. They decided to focus on their family after they both retired.


And they had good reason to focus on the family. They had two sons, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

This kind of love is the stuff you read in books and see in the movies. Enduring love that lasts forever.

h/t daily mail