Charmingly Awkward Greetings Cards By Emily McDowell

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Ever been in that situation where you know exactly how you feel but you've got no way of getting it out in the open? I don't think many people would say 'no' to that. So mix that situation with the fact that it's INCREDIBLY hard to find the perfect greetings card with even more perfect words and you've got a rather troubling dilemma on your hands, until now...

Designer and illustrator Emily McDowell's series of awkward greetings cards some how manage to express exactly how one's feeling with rather awkward but sincere words of truth Emily told mymodernmet;

“I love making anything that helps people feel understood – it means a lot to me when people pick one up and think, ‘So I’m NOT the only person who feels this way? What a relief!"

You can browse and shop for these cards on Emily's website here.







via MyModernMet