29 People Losing the Battle against the Law of Gravity

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Here are 29 people that are losing the battle against the law of gravity. What goes up, must come down. Ouch!.

1. This mum failed hard at sports day.

athlete fail

2. Baby laughs so hard he falls over

baby laughs and falls over gif

3. Going for the slam dunk.

basketball slam fail

4. Even pets are having a hard time.

cat falls over

5. The chair fights back

chair prank fail

6. This girl falls down the stairs.

child falls down stairs

7. Trying to play it cool.


8. Drunk kid thats had too much to drink.

drunk kid falls over

9. A not so sober Santa

drunk santa

10. Annoying drunks

drunken man

11. This escalator show off

escelator fall

12. Epic face palm.

face plant

13. One Direction. Ha.

falling over gif

14. Failing on sports day.

falling over in gym class

15. Thats one way to get down the hill.

falling over infront of thousands

16. When the beat drops and its just too much.

fighting the laws of physics

17. Lesson: Don't carry so much at once.

gallon smash gif

18. Giant Pandas are making people fall over in the street.

giant panda

19. Jedward. Ha.


20. Justin Bieber. HA.

justin bieber falls over

21. Ice always wins the battle.

man slips on ice gif

22. Models on the catwalk are not safe either.

model falls over

23. Not safe.

models fall over cat walk

24. Neither are Oscar winners.

oscar winning

25. That will teach her.


26. Girl showing off. Gravity upstages her.

show off girl falls over

27. If its 'Live' you can bet that gravity will seek revenge.

TV show off stacks it

28. If you do happen to fall over however, walk it off like this guy.

walk it off like a boss

29. And please use the correct entrance next time.

wrong entrance stack