21 Creepy Tattoos That Will Haunt Your Dreams

These tattoo designs are perfect for halloween, but we can’t help but feel they would be a little out of place the rest of the time. Here are 21 creepy tattoos that will haunt your dreams.

1. Nope

2. Creepy Clown

3. Couldn’t they have been alive instead?

4. It’s so scary even the tattoo looks petrified

5. We don’t even know what it is. Thats why its terrifying

6. Those eyes…

7. They are just staring at you…

8. We hope this is not permanent

9. Nope.

10. Pure evil

11. This is insane

12. They did pretty well with this

13. Not the most attractive of tattoo’s

14. Nope

15. Creepy

16. A strange leg tattoo

17. We don’t even know where to look

18. What lies beneath

19. Truly terrifying

20. Its inside them!

21. And finally. Still nope.

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