22 Soldiers That Know How to Have Fun on Their Days Off

War is a time of risk and danger. These two ingredients make for a very hostile environment. These soldiers however are able to forget the danger and the risk, if only for a moment in order to enjoy themselves and have fun.

1. Soldiers jousting on bikes.

2. Soldiers do Harry Potter impression

3. Just eating them up

4. Moustache

5. Blend in with the sofa.

6. “Weeeee”

7. Robot operator

8. Just flying on brooms

9. Gun Peacock

10.  Justin Bieber fans

11. Anarchist

12. Christmas tree

13. Santas sleigh

14. Going old school with a bow

15. Soldier trap

16. Bubbles

17. New military transport

18. Just hanging out together…

19. Ready. Aim. Fire.

20. Always time to do ironing.

21. Sunbathing on the deck of an aircraft carrier.

22. Looking for a way home to Florida.

h/t Boredpanda

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