21 Trippy GIFs That Will Blow Your Mind


Here are 21 trippy GIFs that will leave you amazed.

1. Bridge demolition

bridge demolition

2. What happens to a can of food when put in lava

can in lava

3. CD put into a microwave

cd burning in microwave

4. Filming a rainbow when suddenly


5. Football fan simultaneously throwing toilet roll

football fans throw toilet paper

6. When a frozen watermelon and raspberry meet

frozen watermelon vs strawberry

7. Smashing a piece of glass in slow motion

hammer destroying glass

8. This hamster and it's wheel technique

hamster wheel

9. This matrix cat

matrix cat

10. A can of Monster in lava

monster can in lava

11. How paperclips are made

paper clip being made

12. This ping pong genius

ping pong boss

13. A skyscraper literally scraping the sky

skyscraper in clouds

14. Synchronised ski jump

synchronized ski jump

15. The way everything just fits...

the way everything fits

Mmmm satisfying.

16. This guys trampoline skills

trampoline skills

17. That kick

triple spin kick

18. This camera zoom technique

trippy camera work

19. This hand


20. His amazing hat trick

hat trick

21. And a bucket of paper airplanes released at once.

paper planes