This Feeder Turns Squirrels into Doctor Who's Worst Enemy


Emma Young who is a huge Doctor Who fan has created a brilliant squirrel feeder that turns innocent squirrels in search of some food into one of Doctor Who's worst enemies, the Cybermen. The feeder was made of an older shower radio with nuts in the back, but it isn't the first she has ever made. Emma had previously made Dalek versions which are equally as good.

Once the feeder was set up she then waited for the cute squirrels to turn up to take photos and video them.

The mother of two told the Mirror  "My whole family love Doctor Who so I decided to create a sci-fi feeder. I packed a sticky mix of nuts and peanut butter into the head. It was hilarious to see. Well worth all the time and effort."


squirrel doctor who feeder 2

squirrel doctor who feeder 3

squirrel doctor who feeder 4

squirrel doctor who feeder 5

h/t boredpanda, Daily Mail