Owner Attaches a GoPro to His Dog to See What Happens When He Leaves


YouTuber Mike The Intern decided to attached a GoPro to his 6-year-old goldendoodle to see what happens when he leaves the house.. what the camera captured shocked him.

Rather than see the dog get up to all kinds of chaos and mischief what the camera captured was pretty upsetting. The dog spent all day crying and running around the house looking for him.

After playing back the footage Mike held his dog for hours and said that he would never leave him all on his own ever again.

Mike put a GoPro on his dog and then left the house, leaving the dog on it's own.

owner leaves dog go pro 1

But what the camera captured was totally unexpected.


His dog spent hours running around the house panicking, trying to find him.

owner leaves dog go pro 3

After watching the footage back Mark said “After I watched this, we held each other and cried.  I am never leaving him again.”

h/t boredpanda