17 Adorable Zoo Animals That Are Happy to See Visitors


These adorable zoo animals are more than happy to share a special moment with visitors.

1. This Bear and Little Girl

zoo animals bear

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2. These Two Fist Bumping

zoo animals chimp

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3. An Unlikely Meeting

zoo animals elephant seal

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4. This Kangaroo Who's Happy to Help Itself

zoo animals kangaroo

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5. A Clear Message

zoo animals little boy

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6. You Can Tell He's Done That Before

zoo animals scare

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7. And This Elephant Is Just as Guilty

zoo animals elephant

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8. This Monkey Likes What It Sees

zoo animals funny monkey

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9. This Giraffe Is More than Happy to Smile for the Camera

zoo animals giraffe

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10. This Gorilla Has Mastered the Art of Parenting

zoo animals gorilla

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11. This Lion and Child Sharing a Moment


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12. This Monkey Isn't Sure Whats Going on

zoo animals monkey

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13. A Heartwarming Moment between a Polar Bear and a Child

zoo animals polar bear

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14. This Little Boy Looks a Bit Unsure

zoo animals polar

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15. Just Playing

zoo animals seal

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16. Now Thats an Impressive Selfie

zoo animals selfie

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17. What an Amazing Moment

zoo animals two bears

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18. This over Friendly Giraffe

zoo animals giraffe woman

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