18 Stunning Photographs of Frozen Lakes, Rivers & Oceans


Water has the potential to create some truly spectacular photographs, you just have to look at these incredible photos of Busan's city skyline in South Korea to see that. But what about when the cold weather sets in and that water freezes over? not only does it completely transform the look of the landscape but it also creates some incredible patterns.

Sometimes random patterns and shards of ice form, other times geometric patterns appear that look so perfect it's hard to believe they formed naturally. One of our favourite spectacles is the ice bubbles the form underneath the frozen Abraham Lake in Canada.

It is caused by animals, plants and bacteria underneath the surface that give off methane when they metabolise their food. Here are 18 stunning photographs of frozen lakes, rivers and oceans from around the world.

1. Abraham Lake, Canada

abraham lake canada 1

Photo via Emmanuel Coupe

2. Bubbles under Abraham Lake, Canada

abraham lake

Photo via Phillips Chip

3. Frost flowers in the Arctic Ocean

arctic ocean

arctic ocean 1

Photo via Matthias Wietz

4. Baikal Lake, Russia

baikal lake russia

Photo via Daniel Kordan

6. Blue Pond, Japan

blue pond japan

Photo via Kent Shiraishi

7. Belmeken Lake, Rila National Park, Bulgaria


Photo via Simeon Simeonov

8. Lake Abraham, Alberta, Canada


Photo via Robert Scott

9. Lake Druzhby, Antartica

druzhby 1

Photo via Stu Shaw

10. Frozen pond with an amazing pattern

frozen pond

Photo via Adam Rifkin

11. Amazing Geometric pattern on a pond in Southern Oregon, USA

geometric pond ice

Photo via imgur.com

12. Emerald Ice On Baikal Lake, Russia

ice lake russia 1

ice lake russia

Photo via Alexey Trofimov

13. Ice Rider In Siberia, Russia


Photo via Matthieu Paley

14. Lake Michigan In Chicago, USA

lake michigan

Photo via Krzysztof Hanusiak

15. Nothern Baikal, Russia

northern baikal

Photo via Alexey Trofimov

16. Pond in Switzerland


Photo via imgur.com

h/t boredpanda