This Guy Has Been Adding Himself into Stock Photos with Hilarious Results

Stock photos can be some of the most cringeworthy photographs on the internet. Literally everything is perfect in stock photographs, from the people to the locations stock photos are sometimes way too cheesy to bare. Because their is probably a stock photograph for every situation imaginable  and the fact that The Stock Photobomber has spent a long time in advertising, a world in which stock photos are an inevitable reality, he has made a commitment to add a touch of reality and humour into stock photos. In his own words:

Armed with Photoshop 6.0 and my own raw emotion, I’m going to thrust stock photography into the real world the only way I know how… I’m going to photobomb the sh*t out of it.

Here are some of his finest works so far. Enjoy!

Started from the bottom now we here!

Title: Mountain hike

Title: Man sent to his death by enthusiastic gesture

Title: Businessman explaining to manager

Title: Executive doing coke behind cubicle partition

Title: Woman with hands behind head

Title: Man enjoying girlfriend’s pits

Title: Young couple in bed kissing

Title: Pizza guy who’s been ringing the bell for like 10 minutes.

Title: Senior couple in bedroom

Title: Man vacuums grandparents

Title: Daddy, what should I wish for?

Title: Daddy, what’s wrong with Uncle Bruce? 

Title: Stressed out businessman

Title: Coworkers playing hide and seek

Title: Couple kissing outside

Title: The third wheel

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