29 Naughty Pets That Were Caught Red Pawed

They swear it's not what it looks like.
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Having a pet is great and they quickly become like another member of the family, particularly cats and dogs. Treating them like one of your own though comes with its consequences, as they can also be just as naughty at times as these pets prove. Here are 29 naughty pets that were caught red pawed.

1. This is not what it looks like.

2. It was totally worth it for the warmth.

3. Nothing is going on here.

4. Oh... you're home early.

5. Just taking a bath.

6. Nothing to see here.

7. I've been spotted!

8. Nothing says "I missed you" like returning home to find this.

9. The guilty look on this one.

10. "He did it."

11. Sorry about the sofa.

12. Just doing a spot of plumbing.

13. "I was only trying them on!"

14. Christimas isn't happening this year.

15. "I'm so ashamed right now."

16. Nothing to see here.

17. It just exploded on me.


19. No idea how it got like this.

20. This is not what it looks like, honest.

21. I was just lying here and the blind attacked me!

22. This is all the bins fault.

23. "I'm going to destr... and walk away."

24. "What cake?"

25. "You didn't see anything."

26. "Im sorry."

27. The water temperature is just right.

28. It will wash out, probably.

29. "I just got lost."

h/t distractify.com