Kevin the Baby Porcupine Discovered by Zookeepers During Their Annual Stocktake

It wasn’t until zookeeper’s at Hagenbgack Zoo in Germany were carrying out the annual stocktake of their 1,859 inhabitants of over 200 different species that one of them spotted Kevin, the North American porcupine.

Nobody had realised that Kevin had been born and wasn’t noticed until Kevin Surmilo, a zookeeper at the zoo, spotted the baby porcupine in the enclosure. Kevin the porcupine was named after Surmilo who proudly showed him off to the adoring public. Apparently he’s become quite the star since he was found!

Weighing just 3 pounds kevin is still a baby and his spikes are not full developed yet meaning they are more fluffy than sharp. Despite this Surmilo takes no chance as he wears gloves to handle Kevin who’s probably the cutest porcupine you’ve ever seen.

h/t DailyMail

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