Boy Gets Bullied After Growing His Hair for Two Years to Make Wigs for Children with Cancer

At just six years old Christian McPhilamy decided he was going to grow his hair long, the reason? because he wanted to donate his hair to make wigs for children being treated for cancer. His goal was to grow his locks of hair to 10-inches-long, but because of this he was often teased and made fun of at school.

Now 8 years old, McPhilamy told Florida Today “Some people tried to call me a girl,” and that it made him feel “not very good,” but that never made him lose sight of his goal to donate his hair to Children With Hair Loss.

At just 6-years-old Christian McPhilamy decided to grow his hair long for a very sefless reason.

For over two years Christian endured teasing at school from other children for his long hair.

But that didn’t stop him. After seeing an advert on TV, Christian was determined to grow his hair long enough to donate it to Children With Hair Loss.

He says that the bullying made him feel “not very good.”

But despite that he carried on, and now he’s donated 4 10-inch-long locks of hair to the charity.

Christian is an amazing boy who should be an inspiration to us all!


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