22 Hilarious Coincidences Almost Too Perfect to Be True

This left me feeling oddly satisfied.
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Years ago when not everyone had a smartphone to take pictures whenever they wanted, opportunities such as these to capture hilarious coincidences would have gone a miss. Thankfully though everyone now does have a camera and we get to enjoy these hilarious and ironic photos. Sometimes everything in the cosmos lines up perfectly, and then this happens....

1. Uninvolved peace.

2. Vampyr? creepy.

3. Not this time you don't!

4. Taylor Swift.

5. Mmm icecream.


7. The end.

8. Someone knew what they we're doing here.

funny coincidence fails 8.jpg

9. Check that hairline indeed.

10. This is perfect.

11. Camouflaged shoes.

12. This just makes me sad.

funny coincidence fails 12.jpg

13. Coincidence?

14. This is pure genius!

15. There's your answer.

funny coincidence fails 15.jpg

16. Mario & Luigi.

17. Now this is what you call clever advertising!

funny coincidence fails 17.jpg

18. Surely they knew.

19. Coincidence? I think not.

funny coincidence fails 19.jpg

20. Wut? LOL

funny coincidence fails 20.jpg

21. The Pet Shop Boyes

22. When you see it...