These Animated Artworks Will Bend Your Mind

Even more amazing when you learn how they are made.
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Artist George Redhawk creates animated artworks that will leave your mind in a spin, but there's something even more impressive about these artworks that you would never be able to guess, Redhawk is legally blind. In order to create these hypnotic and perfectly looped GIF's he uses image morphing software on his specialised computer setup.

He told Viral Nova "Morphing software is designed to morph one photo to another photo, but a long time ago, I discovered that if I morph a photo to the exact same photo, I could get some pretty amazing movement out of it."

With the help of visual aids and functions built into computers for the visually impaired George is able to carry on creating these incredible artworks and in doing so hopes to inspire others with a disability to pursue their passion in life. You can see more of his artwork on his Google+ profile and YouTube channel.

Source: DarkAngel0ne

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