Meet Tonkey, the Dog That Looks More Like a Cuddly Bear

Her face is just too cute for words.
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Meet Tonkey, the dog that's quickly risen to fame on Instagram just 8 weeks after her first post. Why has she become so popular? take one look at her and you'll understand. You can follow Tonkey on Instagram & Facebook.

Tonkey lives in Canada with her mum, dad and sister Maxi.

tonkey bear dog 1.jpg

She is 100% Shar Pei.....

tonkey bear dog 2.jpg

Although many people are fairly convinced that there is some bear hiding in there somewhere.

tonkey bear dog 3.jpg

Wherever Tonkey goes she makes new friends!

tonkey bear dog 11.jpg

It's easy to see why she's so popular. Just look at that face!

tonkey bear dog 4.jpg
tonkey bear dog 10.jpg
tonkey bear dog 7.jpg

Sometimes she likes to play dress up.

tonkey bear dog 5.jpg

She also enjoys trips to IKEA. Everyone thinks that she is a toy bear!

tonkey bear dog 6.jpg

She isn't a fan of bath time though.

tonkey bear dog 9.jpg

When her face goes into full meltdown mode its adorable.

tonkey bear dog 12.jpg

And now she has even started to play fetch.

tonkey bear dog 13.jpg

You can follow Tonkey on Instagram.

h/t BoredPanda