18 Jaw Dropping Photos That Seem Fake but Are Actually Real

I can't believe my eyes!
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Every so often we come across photos that leave us mesmerised, whether it's because of their subject or because they use clever optical illusions such as forced perspective. Each of these photos may seem fake at first, but when you look closer they will leave you amazed.

1. Fishermen row a boat through what appears to be an art canvas in Chaohu Lake, China. It's actually algae.

2. These trees have actually been cut perfectly straight to create a truly surreal effect.

3. This person isn't walking on water, they're actually walking over the salt flats of Bolivia.

4. Don't worry, you aren't seeing things! this is actually an abstract cover put over a building whilst it's under construction.

5. It may look like a giant piece of paper rolling down the hill but this is actually a giant sculpture located in New Zealand.

6. Designed by French graffiti artist Tilt, this hotel room has to designs perfcetly split down the middle.

7. This boat looks like it's floating in thin air.

8. This giant globe shaped section of grass outside Paris City Hall is completely flat.

9. This isn't take from a movie. This sinkhole appeared in Guatemala City in 2010. It's 60 feet wide and 200 feet deep!

10. This is the result of a toxic waste spill in Hungary.

11. This is a giant sandstorm just off the coast of Australia.

12. It may look like a black and white cartoon, but this is just someone dressed as a grey santa.

13. Forced perspective creates the coolest car park directions ever.

14. Crooked Forest, in West Pomerania, has over 400 bent pine trees which creates a truly creepy setting.

15. How did it get up there? this is actually a hotel located in South Korea.

16. No photoshop required. This is the amazing forced perspective artwork of Felice Varini.

17. This beautiful lenticular cloud looks like a UFO.

18. Artist Alicia Martin creates an incredible display of books that pour from a window out onto the street.