The World Beard & Moustache Championship 2015 Had Some Truly Epic Entries

The coolest beards on the planet.
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Each year the World Beard And Moustache Championships is held in a different country and this time in the town of Leogang, Austria, the beards on show were more epic than ever before. Over 300 men from 20 different countries entered the competition in the hope of placing first in one of the 18 categories that spread across three divisions, Moustaches, Partial Beard and Full Beard.

These guys take facial hair to another level. For more information on the competition and if you think you have what it takes to win then visit the website here.

Just a few days ago 300 men from around the world travelled to Leogang, Austria, to take part in the 2015 World Beard and Moustache Championships.

In total there are 18 categories including best goatee and fashion beard.

The categories are spread over three divisions, best moustache, partial beard and full beard.

Checkout the photos below to see more epic beards and the winners!

Full Beard Freestyle category winner

Moustache Freestyle category winner

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