22 Pictures That Are Beyond Impossible to Explain

What is going on!?
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In life there are some things that just cannot be explained, take these 24 pictures for example. Without context or backstory these pictures become beyond impossible to explain.

1. The design on this toilet cubicle.

2. Whatever this guy is doing.

3. What did Dave do!?

4. How did these two become friends?

5. Why this guy is taped to a pole.



6. This list.

7. What happened here.

8. This gun fight.

9. This.

10. Asking the important questions.



11. The strangest object to take for a walk.

12. But which door is it!?

13. Doug must have done something seriously messed up.

14. Why is the sign even necessary!

15. We know nothing. Except that he's serious.

16. How did he end up with such a vibrant car?

17. Not sure what's going on, but it looks cute.

18. Sometimes in order to contemplate in life you need a bunch of watermelon's to stare at.

19. This guy looks like he's having a wild time.

20. Why is there so much bread!?

21. And why does he hate hotdogs so much?



22. WHY!?

h/t distractify.com