IKEA Turned Children’s Drawings into Real Plush Toys for Charity

10 lucky children recently had every kids dream come true after IKEA decided to turn their fantasy drawings into a reality, transforming their sketches into real soft toys that will be going on sale around the world as part of a Soft Toys For Education campaign. The finalists from all around the world were chosen and then IKEA’s toy designers turned them into real plush toys to be sold in their stores.

IKEA has been running this charity campaign for the past 12 years but this is the first time the designs were drawn by children and the result is pretty amazing. Every toy sold is one dollar, euro or pound that goes towards UNICEF and Save The Children. Given how adorable the results are, something tells us they are going to be running this competition again.

Thymeo, 4 years old, Belgium

Stella, 6 years old,Cyprus

Dora, 7 years old, UK

Koen, 10 years old, Netherlands

Albert, 7 years old, Romania

You-Chen Wu, 6 years old, Taiwan

Maja, 8 years old, and John, 5 years old, Norway

Terrence, 6 years old, Malaysia

Karla, 10 years old, Croatia

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