19 Hilarious Auto Correct Fails That Happened in 2015

For the tech newbie and even the experienced pro’s, auto correct is forever catching people out. We’ve all been there, you are rushing to message someone or not paying your full attention and you end up typing something slightly wrong, prompting auto correct to do its best to correct you. The end result is this hilarious mayhem….

1. The game of ping pong has been changed forever.

2. When Carissa was a little to straight to the point.

3. When auto correct tried to end this relationship.

4. When auto correct told the truth about what Kayla had been up to.

5. Organic, no GMO’s…

6. When Nikki overshared.

7. When Skyping got really intimate.

8. When the wire was accused of being promiscuous.

9. When Rachael revealed the real reason for her headache.

10. The combination that’s been known to cause nauseousness.

11. This works way better than it should.

12. When this nurse treated someones gay fever.

13. Nothing about this went as planned.

14. When someone misspelt text as ‘Taft’ and their friend responded.

15. When auto correct still wasn’t done messing with this person.

16. When Ray got a little too carried away and took it out on Siri.

17. When this group chat took an unexpected turn.

18. When this daughter accidentally insulted her mother.

19. Satisfied Fingers.

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