30 Adorable Duos Confessing to Their Terrible Crimes

Partners in crime.
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It's bad enough when you have one pet that likes to play up, but if you have two that work together then that's when things can get really chaotic. In order to punish these naughty pets for their terrible crimes owners take to shaming them by writing their pet confessions out and hanging them around their necks. 

The result is some incredibly guilty looking pets with some absolutely hilarious confessions to tell!

1. It would have been the perfect crime, if they had got away with it!

2. Who can blame him, they're rainbows after all!

3. This is definitely a lesson learnt.

4. This pooch does have a point...

5. It's a love hate relationship.

6. Sorry Jesus!

cute pet duos confess their crimes 6.jpg

7. This duo need to get a room.

8. They seem more than happy about this arrangement.

9. The perfect crime.

10. These two need to work on hiding the evidence.

11. Wearing it like a badge of honour.

12. At least they try and clear up after themselves.

13. It's the kissing mom part that made this a true crime.

14. When you work together you can achieve great things.

15. It's hard to tell which one is worse.

16. These kitties know how to ruin someone's big day.

cute pet duos confess their crimes 16.jpg

17. This is what real hunger is.

18. The look of regret on their faces.

19. Probably...

cute pet duos confess their crimes 19.jpg

20. Their faces say it all.

21. This story totally checks out.

22. He just stood by and did nothing...

23. These two are an expensive bunch!

24. But they tasted so damn good.

25. It's hard to tell who's worse here.

26. The guinea pig doesn't seem to care.

27. These seasoned pro's know what they're up too.

28. Both as guilty as each other.

cute pet duos confess their crimes 28.jpg

29. Well, if it works for them...

30. They look so happy with themselves.