Rainbow Grilled Cheese Is a New Trend That Tastes as Good as It Looks

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Some of you may remember that not so long ago we shared the Rainbow Bagel, a colourful and vibrant take on the humble bagel, but that seems to have been outdone thanks to this equally vibrant take on the grilled cheese sandwich.

Filled with a colourful spectrum of stringy cheese the rainbow grilled cheese sandwich shares all the same similarities with it's standard version except that some of these cheeses aren't simply dyed, their colour is also influenced by their flavour. Inside you'll find green coloured cheese which is flavoured with basil, red cheese flavoured with tomato and yellow which is a combination of various cheeses giving each of the colours their own unique taste.

Those wanting to get their hands on one of these delicious looking toasties right now will have to travel to Hong Kong’s Kala Toast shop, although we suspect that it won't be long before their being sold just about everywhere. As far as the actual taste goes apparently they're actually very average, but there's no denying that they're extremely photogenic.

h/t Mymodernmet