Kitten Escapes Pet Store Display to Join Lonely Puppy

Although opinions are divided on animals being sold in such a way, a tiny and very vocal kitten was separated by a plastic wall at the JoLinn Pet House in Taiwan, but wasn’t going to let that get in the way of snuggling up to the adorable pup next door.

Escaping from it’s booth the kitten managed to climb up the plastic wall, in a rather adorable and clumsy manner of course, before landing back down again on the other side and receiving a warm welcome from the excitable pup.

Although only a tiny kitten the determination is strong in this one, it’s just a shame that they’re forced to live in isolation so early on in life at a time when they are desperate for company – proven by this kitties actions.

A tiny kitten at a pet store in Taiwan was lonely and wanted to visit its friend

So it decided to bravely venture were no kitty has gone before, and jump over to the other side

Although its technique was a little unorthodox the pup on the other side couldn’t contain his excitement

And after one brave jump…

The two of them were finally together!

Watch the adorable event unfold below.


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