Photographer Takes Magical Photos of Her Two Cats in Front of the Window Every Time It Rains

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It's no secret that some cats enjoy exploring, but whilst some prefer the great outdoors and others are a little more housebound there's no cat that enjoys being outside in the pouring rain - a moment that Holland based photographer Felicity Berkleef captures of her two cats.

Whenever it rains the duo pair up and perch themselves in front of the window and whilst it's outlook is bleak to say the least, Felicity's photographs have a magical quality about them.

A few months ago she managed to put a blanket over her feline friends as they stared out of the window and snap a photo. From this point on Felicity decided that whenever it rains she'd photograph the two of them as they sit perched on the windowsill. You can see more of her work over on Instagram and Flickr.