20 Pictures That Are Absolutely True for Everyone

It’s not often that you can say something’s absolutely true for everyone, we’re all pretty different after all, but we do have one thing in common – the funny nuisances and quirks of life, from putting fuel in our cars to trying to wait for that ‘perfect’ moment when drinking a hot drink. Here are 20 pictures that are absolutely true for pretty much everyone.

1. Trying to make every penny count.

2. Why is it that coffee always does this?

3. The quieter it is the better you can see. It’s science.

4. When you’ve got to switch it up a little.

5. Who said games were just for kids?

6. You might get it right, one day.

7. Because replacing the batteries is too hard.

8. Or doing the washing up in general…

9. Avocados never last.

10. There are two kinds of people.

11. When your stomach betrays you.

12. Every time you sit down to eat.

13. Other peoples showers make you look like an idiot.

14. Because it’s what you always want.

15. Nothing’s worth getting out of bed for.

16. How noise levels work.

17. Guilty crunching is the loudest of all.

18. When you’ve been sat in an awkward position for too long.

19. When trying to take a photo.

20. Finally, we all have this chair.

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