This Beautiful Bronze Sculpture Has Been Attached to a Tree Since 1968

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Nearly fifty years have passed since artist Giuseppe Penone attached a bronze hand to a tree in Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas and it's still gripping to this day. The Italian artist appropriately named the piece The “Continuerà a crescere tranne che in quel punto,” which means "It will continue to grow except at this point," a fitting title when you see the effect that this sculpture has had on the tree and the way in which it has grown.

The sculpture was actually made from a cast of Penone's own hand and lower arm before it was attached to the sapling tree in 1968 and over the years it's slowly grown around the metal frame, creating the illusion that the hand is now grasping onto the tree and squeezing it.

Although it's hard to say what effect this will have on the tree and its growth in the future there's no denying that the sculpture is rather beautiful thanks to the contrast between the bronze and the tree itself.

In 1968 artist Giuseppe Penone attached a bronze hand sculpture to a tree

giuseppe hand art sculpture 3

The sculpture was made from a cast of his own hand and arm

giuseppe hand art sculpture 2

And the sculpture is still gripping the tree to this day.

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