This Incredible 19th-Century Bridge Forms a Perfectly Reflected Circle

Aside from the stunning views that Germany’s Kromlauer Park has to offer, visitors can also enjoy the parks show stopper – a beautifully arched bridge thats earn’t its self the nickname devil’s bridge although more formally known as Rakotzbrücke.

Designed and built in 1860 the bridge it earns the title “devils bridge” thanks to its daring design that makes it both dangerous to cross and almost impossible to build, hence the idea that no mortal would possibly be able to create such a thing.

The bridge is now a focal point for any photographer who visits the park and as you can see from the photos below, they often do an amazing job at capturing the perfect circle that reflects off of the rivers surface and it’s pretty damn fascinating to see.

Michael Bertulat
Henning Herrmann
Natalie Uomini
Dirk Förster

via DesignYouTrust

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