TV Logos Were Once Physical Objects and Here's How They Were Made

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Creating an interesting title sequence, logo or intro to a movie or tv show is now something that's best left in the hands of someone who's good at video & motion graphics and knows their way around animation software, but before all of that was a thing people had to get a little more creative with the way in which they created these logos and title sequences, often involving physical models and objects.

One of the most famous 'physically filmed' logo introductions is probably MGM's (Metro-Goldywn-Mayer studios) who still use their intro featuring Leo the Lion to this day some 60 years later. Although not quite as exotic there were countless others who used practical effects and physical objects in order to record logo sequences including the BBC and HBO. Unlike MGM they've all changed multiple times over the years however it's still cool to see where they all started.

RTF Television

physical tv logos 1
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Metro Goldwyn Mayer

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Columbia Pictures

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