These Strangers Have Kept a Conversation Going on Tinder for Three Years and It's Hilarious

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When you match with someone on Tinder the done thing is to send them a message, so that's exactly what 22-year-old Josh Avsec did when he found himself matched with 21-year-old Michelle Arendas, but little did he know how long he'd have to wait for a reply.

Two months later Michelle responded with the classic “Hey sorry my phone died!,” and the rest is history. Not to be outdone Josh then responded with “Hey sorry was in the shower,” some two months later and the pair have been messaging each other back and forth ever since, sometimes taking 10 months to reply!

Three years later and the two of them are still messaging each other every now and then even though they've still never met, but all of that's set to change after Josh shared his story on Twitter and the internet couldn't get enough of it. Eventually Tinder themselves stepped in and offered to pay for the two of them to go away together to a city of their choosing, the only catch being they had 24 hours to decide. You can follow both Josh and Michelle on twitter to see how it turns out.

This is Josh…

funny tinder match 1

…and this is Michelle

funny tinder match 2

The two of them matched on Tinder back in 2014 and they've been messaging each other ever since

funny tinder match 3

Although they still haven't met. The conversation started with 'Hey Michelle,’ to which she took two months to reply

funny tinder match 4

Josh eventually responded some two months later and they've been messaging ever since, sometimes 10 months apart!

funny tinder match 5

They've been messaging each other for three years now

funny tinder match 6

Josh recently decided to share their conversations on Twitter and they went viral

funny tinder match 7

Michelle also wanted to meet up but at the same time didn't want to ruin the joke

funny tinder match 8
funny tinder match 9

Tinder noticed the story and decided to offer them a chance to go to a city of their choosing

funny tinder match 10

They eventually decided on Hawaii

funny tinder match 11

Tinder delivered on their promise!

funny tinder match 12

And Josh was over the moon!

funny tinder match 13
funny tinder match 14

And so was everyone else...

funny tinder match 19
funny tinder match 15
funny tinder match 16
funny tinder match 18
funny tinder match 17