39 Test Answers That Are Wrong But Genius At The Same Time

When it comes to answering questions in a test we’re required to think as carefully as possible when writing down our answer. However it looks like these students took some…

A Bad Lip Reading Of The NFL

A hilarious dubbing and lip syncing of NFL.

What If All Those Spam Emails Were Real?

Everyone has had an email from one of those Nigerian princes offering millions of dollars, all you need to do is wire some cash to them via Western Union. Now…

Stormtrooper’s twerking – in 4k

Check this epic video out of storm troopers twerking. This isn’t just any video, its also available in 4k. Perfect for viewing crystal clear twerking.

Weird & Disturbing Portrait GIFs

Romain Laurent is a photographer who lives in New York and for his day job he’s a conceptual photographer who has worked with some big names such as Xbox, Coca…

Hilarious stoned teenager gives news interview

Kid trying to respond to the news reporters questions about a serious matter is clearly higher than the clouds.

Awesome things a guinea pig can do!

A guinea pig is not just a cute face you know, apparently they can help out with day to day stuff, like walking the dog, and being a gym buddy.

19 Hilarious auto correct fails

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13 of the coolest vines of 2013

Here are 15 of the coolest, most creative and most viewed vines of 2013. 1. Underwater drumer 2. Diggin for parts 3. Ocean Waves 4. The original copy 5. Gummy…

What opinion of yours makes you an a**hole?

AskReddit threads on Reddit are some of the most popular posts on the site. The subreddit has five million subscribers and it’s constantly growing. The reason for its growth is…