25 Million New House Build in Virginia ( Photos )

This amazing house is located at 6431 Georgetown Pike, McLean, Virginia, and sits on nearly 4 acres and built on 22,000 square footage. It also has 10 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms. Wow!

You can snatch this house for $25,000,000 – small change right?

Let’s look at the beautiful pictures of this house from inside and out, including floor plans:

This is the front exterior 

If you want a quick look at all the pictures in gallery mode, here it is, or scroll down for a regular view of each one.

Amazing bathroom

Master bedroom

Master closet 

Master closet 

Entry way or living room


Kitchen again

Family room

Another bathroom

Entry gate to the property 

Outside of the house

Another shot of the outside

Another shot of outside

Pool with TV

Main pool

Nice area to dwell

A movie theatre 

Master closet

Floor plan 1

Floor plan 2

Floor plan 3

Floor plan 5

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