Hiker Unknowingly Take One in a Million Chance Picture Only to Find Out Days Later When It Goes Viral

A man has gone viral after unknowingly taking a one-in-a-million photo. The photo features a landscape and a person in the distance doing a star jump.

The man who took the photo, identified as @BenOfIreland on Twitter, posted it online and people were amazed by the coincidence.

Some people thought the person in the photo was jumping off the cliff, but the photographer assured them that the person was just exercising.

The photo has been shared thousands of times and has been featured in news outlets around the world.

The photographer said he was “blown away” by the reaction to his photo. “I never thought it would go viral,” he said. “I just took a photo of what I saw and posted it online.”

The photo is a reminder of the power of coincidence. It is also a reminder that sometimes the best photos are the ones that we take without even thinking about it.

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