13 Incredible Frame By Frame Photos From The 2014 Olympics

The Sochi Winter Olympics might be over, but there’s always time to watch back the best and worst moments of the international sporting event. Even better, with the technology available today, we’re able to see every split second of motion… all at once! The New York Times has captured multiple events from the Games, frame by frame. That means…

…seeing figure skater Mao Asada pull some funny faces as she performs a triple axel.

…trying to understand how Kim Yu-na managed to pull off such a perfect triple lutz-triple toe combination.

…tracing Ted ligety’s path in his gold medal-winning race.

…gaping in awe at Joss Christensen’s incredible 1260° air rotation.

…getting a good look at what went wrong for three out of four competitors in the 500-Meter Short-Track Speed Skating race.

…carefully comparing the differences in somersaults executed by the first- and second-place winners in Men’s Aerials Skiing.

…studying the technique involved in Tatiana Volosozhar’s triple loop, after being flung in the air by her partner Maxim Trankov.

…noticing the variation in style between Sage Kotsenburg and Mark McMorris’ snowboarding run.

…seeing the exact moment when Yuzuru Hanyu fell in his free skate (though it should be mentioned he fell a second time and still took home the gold).

…admiring Matthias Mayer’s consistency in his downhill competition.

…tracing T. J. Oshie’s path as he scored the game-winning shot.

All images by Wilson Andrews, Larry Buchanan, Nancy Donaldson, Jon Huang, Bedel Saget, Archie Tse and Joe Ward.

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